2020/2021 Tryouts

Parents – We are going to hold tryouts for the 2020/21 season at Gold Crown on Friday, Sept 11th. Gold Crown is located at 150 S. Harlan St in Lakewood. We will have to rent out the space so we will  be charging $10/girl to tryout. Please bring exact cash or a check made out to Ralston Valley Girls Basketball. The girls will need to bring a mask, their own basketball, and a water bottle.

Please visit the REGISTRATION LINK to complete the paperwork prior to coming to tryouts so that we can plan for numbers. No other payment is due at this time. Our plan is to make teams and then see what leagues/tournaments are available.

Where: Gold Crown Foundation

When: Friday, Sept 11, 2020

Who: Grades 3rd – 5th  5:00-6:30pm          Grades 6th – 8th  7:00-8:30pm

Email any questions/concerns to





Gold Crown’s league is the largest and longest running youth basketball league in Colorado, and Gold Crown Foundation’s  flagship program.  This 5th – 8th league serves boys and girls teams from Pueblo to Greeley, and Summit County to Aurora.  It is a Feeder League into the high schools, so each team plays under their respective high school name. All teams must have at least 60% of their roster from the same feeder area in order to participate in the league.  Each team is guaranteed 14 games, 12 regular season games and at least 2 postseason games, in a double header format. A Gold and Silver Division is offered for each gender and grade level in order to balance out competition.  The league is a team based registration only, so the first step is to find out when tryouts are in your area and join a team.




Professional athletes, by their very actions, can either be a tremendous role model or an example of bad behavior. Teaching children how to act is the responsibility of parents and coaches, while good behavior is the responsibility of the child, regardless of age. Children need to be taught that unlike some professional athletes, it is NOT alright to throw equipment in anger. It is NOT alright to question an official. It is NOT alright to criticize your teammate for a poor play. And it is NOT alright to cheat to win a game. After all, it is a game. It is okay to feel the sting of a loss, but it is unacceptable to win at all costs. The character, integrity, and reputation of that child begins with youth sports, and habits will stay with that person throughout their life. If we teach and implement lessons of sportsmanship, respect toward opponents and officials, and a healthy desire for competition, we have taught these young players how to act in ANY competitive environment, be it school, relationships, the playing field, or their career.


Click on this link to view the Gold Crown Sportsmanship Guidelines/Expectations